Australia's National Skin Check Day
is a national action day for Australia's cancer!

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Mates Against Melanoma is committed to:
  • representing the voice of those impacted by a melanoma or skin cancer diagnosis and their families.
  • advocating for health reform to ensure all Australians have access to accredited practitioners.
  • removing the financial burden from the reason why you do not seek screening or treatments.
  • delivering a national EPA Plan (Early Detection – Prevention – Advocacy)
  • advocating for a national early detection program from both state and federal government.
  • working with other charity partners & key stakeholders to ensure melanoma & skin cancer receives the funding it deserves.
  • removing melanoma as our national cancer!
What can you do?

We believe one of the most effective ways to raise issues of importance within our community is for us you to engage directly with Federal & State Members of Parliament, locally. You can provide a face to the message of the issues faced by those within our communities, as the lived experience is an important reminder of the broader message that ANSCD is trying to achieve.

As research, financial and policy support for people affected by a melanoma or skin cancer diagnosis is as important as ever, so contact your local Federal or State Member of Parliament and be a voice for those that are unable to speak.

Outline how you have been touched by a melanoma / skin cancer diagnosis and sharing your experience.

Engage with your local Member of Parliament

Australian Federal Members of Parliament:

Australian State & Territory Members of Parliament:

Keep us informed

Mates Against Melanoma will advocate for all Australians and we would love to hear your story and share it with others if possible. If you would like to share any communications you receive from your Member of Parliament related to melanoma or skin cancer diagnosis or treatment, please connect with us by providing you contact details below and a Mates Against Melanoma representative will be in contact soon.